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Oct 24 2007

Oct 24 2007

Oct 24 2007

Statutory Declaration

Name change the easy way.

Nov 10 2007


Regulations were recently laid in Parliament which would amend the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 to protect Trans people against discrimination in the provision of Goods, Facilities and Services.

Nov 20 2007

Nov 20 2007

Aug 4 2008

Dec 5 2008

Endocrine Treatment of Transsexual Persons

Transgender Guidelines from the Endocrine Society

Mar 10 2009

Apr 23 2009

Wales finally agrees to fund GRS

Yes, you are reading this right.....

Apr 24 2009


Funding sex change therapy in Wales is a life-saver, says journalist

May 11 2009

New Equality Bill

will hinder, not help.

May 14 2009

The London Gender Clinic: Press Release

Defamation of the TransHealth Clinic

Jun 29 2009

'Sex changes on the NHS have trebled'

Written in a somewhat beligerent manner, the piece is tagged by the question 'Should sex-change operations be on the NHS'.

Oct 21 2009

EHRC - Commission launches transgender report

Review captures the challenges facing transgender people in Britain.

Nov 6 2009

Nov 13 2009

Transgender Research report

A report produced for the Equality & Human Rights Commission.

Dec 29 2009

HIV experts call for declassification of transgenderism as mental illness

The meeting called for transgenderism to be declassified as a mental illness

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